[lazarus] CVS Changes

Chris Bordeman chrisbordeman at hotmail.com
Tue Jun 13 12:54:17 EDT 2000

> However, the component library is usable.  You can create applications
> it at this point using the gtk library through the LCL.

This brings up an issue discussed on borland.public.kylix.non-technical.
Since Borland bought part of Troll Tech, "Kylix Delphi" will have no charge
for an expensive Qt Commercial License, on any platform.  If I write
commercial Qt apps with Lazarus, I will have a $1500 license to pay.  And
since I'll be writing KDE stuff, there goes any price advantage Lazarus may
have had.

> The data aware components are already there in some cases.  I should yeild
> this answer to someone else but I am aware of some of the components
> already.  I know the interbase components exist...

Good, Interbase is probably all I will need for a while, especially since it
is going open source...

> I'm not sure what the ELF resource thing is....

I mean using a custom segment (feature of the ELF executable format) for
resources.  I thought this was how fpc might do resources in the exe.

Chris Bordeman

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