[lazarus] CVS Changes

Chris Bordeman chrisbordeman at hotmail.com
Tue Jun 13 22:15:20 EDT 2000

> >This brings up an issue discussed on borland.public.kylix.non-technical.
> >Since Borland bought part of Troll Tech, "Kylix Delphi" will have no
> >for an expensive Qt Commercial License, on any platform.  If I write
> >commercial Qt apps with Lazarus, I will have a $1500 license to pay.  And
> >since I'll be writing KDE stuff, there goes any price advantage Lazarus
> >have had.
> True if you juste use the CLX but if you want to use the QT API by
> it is not abviouse at this time that it would be allowed by the
> Borland/TrollTech crosslicense. This is a point that need enlightment.

According to a Borland guy on the ng, if you are using Delphi or C++ Builder
to create commercial apps on Linux, the _only_ way you would be allowed to
access Qt would be through their straight 'C' interface layer, yes even in
BCB.  Any function not exposed to by the C layer or through the VCL or CLX
could not be used.  This an absolutely _brilliant_ way of getting the bulk
of Qt commercial developers (and therefore eventually OSS developers) to use
Borland products.  Adding the CLX as a portable pathway between Linux and
Windows, well, it is a helluva strategy.

Go Borland!

Chris Bordeman
Developer, EMI

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