[lazarus] How I can participe in Lazarus ?.....

Shane Miller SMiller1 at stvgb.org
Mon Jun 19 12:32:19 EDT 2000

Answers to questions:
1: What is the structure of the development team? :

Structure?  What structure?  Basically there are a few folks here that are working on Lazarus.  Me, marc, mhess, and a few others.  There's no real structure.  We use our mailing list and web site to converse and basically we all have responsibilites but they are so flexible that they aren't worth mentioning...

2: Documentation:  The only documentation available is on our web site  http://www.lazarus.freepascal.org. 
It contains the documentation and any help that we could provide.  You will find that this mailing list is the best place to get answers.

3:  Existing team members:  You can get a basic list from the web site....

4: Who is responsible for WHAT job?:  Again, we are pretty flexable.   If you would like to try to attempt something, you simply try it and let us know if changes are required to our existing code.  For now, WE update CVS and once we know your skills and such we will give access to CVS so you can post your own changes...

5: Minimum time to work?  Zero seconds.  We want everyone to have fun doing this.  We don't put any pressure on anyone and if we do put pressure on someone, it doesn't work so why bother.  No one is forced to put this in front of anything else.  If we see that we need something and you said you would do it but you haven't had time to do it, we MAY do it ourselves to speed it up.  There are no requirements put on the developers...we only wish you spend a ton of time on this.  :-)

6: How are jobs assigned?  You ask what you can do and I'll give you sugesstions like in the previous email.  If something sounds good, let us know and you can try it...

(how do you spell) Gracious.

>>> JFMojada at uni2.es 06/19/00 11:12AM >>>
Hola ;)  < Hello >

	First thank you for your answer. I have very strong knowledge of SQL
and Databases ( SyBase, etc.. ), OOP, Shell script.. , I have been
programming in Delphi.

	I would like know ...

	1.- How is structured the developers team?
	2.- Documentation ?
	3.- Exists team leaders ?
	4.- Who is responsable of my job ?
	5.- What is the minimun time I have to work ?
	6.- How job is assigned ?

	Thank you very much !!!


Jose Mojada

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> Hola!  Como esta?  Hablo espanol un poco.  Es muy mal.   :-)
> OK, what would you like to do?  What experience do you have?
> We need the following:  
> Some one to code the IDE to RUN the application once you select RUN in the
> menu's.  You can use the smae coe eI use to run the compiler when they
> press BUILD.
> We need someone to run through the coee and verify that certain components
> are completed.  At this point we haven't said that any of the LCL (vcl)
> are completed as of yet.
> I need someone to code the IDE so that when the user select BUILD it adds
> the create code (somehow) and compiles.
> I need someone to look at how we are going to build the DFM files in
> lazarus.  How are we going to use them?
> I need someone to continue adding components to the tool bar for dropping
> onto the form.  This involves adding code to idecomp and to main.pp
> We have a few components that need work.  Trackbar, Statusbar, TListbox,
> TGrid, TDB????,  and many others are missing.
> I need somone to create a method for adding Menu's via the IDE.  I can
> drop a menu "speedbutton" on the form and when you double click it calls
> the IDECOMP's TIDEMENU.DoubleClick method.  This should bring up a menu
> editor.
> Want to try any of that?  Please let me know  By the way.....how was my
> spanish?  :-)
> Shane
> >>> JFMojada at uni2.es 06/19/00 09:22AM >>>
> Hello,
> 	First sorry, but my english is not very good. I m linux user from
> Spain, and I would like know how I can participe in this project, and if I
> could do it in Spanish ¿¿??
> Thank you very much !!!
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