[lazarus] TStream objects

Robert Scott Horning roberth at ise-tlx.com
Tue Jun 20 12:04:18 EDT 2000

Is anybody working on a TStream object or anything in that hierarchy?
With the talk of DFM files I thought it would be prudent to bring it up,
especially because Borland uses the TStream to save and load components,
as an encapsulating tool.

These are really handy little objects where you write to a generic
"file" and then later implement how the data gets transferred, by disc
file (hard or floppy), memory image, TCP/IP, another stream
(sub-streams), Morse code telegraph, ham radio, Braille, or what ever
else you can think of.  If you design this properly, you can even decide
during runtime what transmission path you want to use, and simply send
the data to the "Stream" and let the stream decide where it will go.

Having some experience in writing some descendants of TStream in Delphi,
I'm curious what work has been done in this manner.
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