DFM/LFM in Lazarus WAS: RE: [lazarus] How I can participeinLazarus?.....

Sebastian Günther sguenther at gmx.de
Tue Jun 20 15:50:04 EDT 2000

Marc Weustink wrote:
> Whats wrong today, did something happen ? You sound so negative :-)

No, not really... I just felt that some things have to be said.

> I have to admit, writing english is not my strongest point.

you are surely not the only one having this problem ;)

> So it can
> happen that I don't write things down which are completely obvious. And yes
> it *IS* clear that controls don't stream their properties.

I have just the impression (and that is not new) that generally in
Lazarus there is too less real invention. Huge parts are just copied
(see mwEdit or the compiler output redirection stuff). I don't remember
that anybody of the Lazarus team has yet contributed anything to the
compiler or core libraries.
Lazarus is a typcial American project in a way (which doesn't apply to
you personally, of course): More energy goes into 'marketing' than real
development. Lazarus is on Freashmeat, and has been mentioned on
Slashdot. But compare the current state to this publicity. Do you really
think this is good? How many people are really contributing anything,
but how many people just get disappointed because of promised features
that just aren't there yet?

Look, I encountered many of the problems you have now quite a long time
ago with KCL (the streaming was something I already dealt with last
autumn), and I found out that many of the critical parts of the VCL are
not the visual ones, but it's more like the streaming works, how certain
components and attached classes work together etc.; and you can be sure
that I have good reasons why I stopped KCL as a wrapper around existing
libraries such as GTK... But we'll see, for GPL projects it's quite
usual that different teams try different approaches.

- Sebastian

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