DFM/LFM in Lazarus WAS: RE: [lazarus] How I canparticipeinLazarus?.....

Marc Weustink weus at quicknet.nl
Tue Jun 20 16:03:38 EDT 2000

At 18:57 20-06-2000 +0000, Sebastian G|nther wrote:

>Perhaps one time you will manage to get something working on your own.
>Until now I mainly see that Lazarus just takes components which already
>existed and glues them together.
>The real work is getting the basic stuff working, and Lazarus has done
>_nothing_ for this until now.

Today after I found out that the reading of components wasn't implemented 
and that no one of the FPC is currently working on it. I had the idea to 
find out what needed to be done, to find out if I really understand the 
process of reading and creating controls. Ask if it was ok that I, a non 
FCL member, shall implement this. Ask if it is correct that TTextReader and 
the creation of controls needs to be implemented
Everybody has his own buisiness, but in this case we are both helped with 
it, and it is an opportunety to give something back to the FPC team.

Somehow I dont want to know today, maybe tomorrow.


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