DFM/LFM in Lazarus WAS: RE: [lazarus] How I canparticipeinLazarus?.....

Sebastian Günther sguenther at gmx.de
Tue Jun 20 16:18:28 EDT 2000

Marc Weustink wrote:
> Today after I found out that the reading of components wasn't implemented
> and that no one of the FPC is currently working on it.

I'm planning on implementing a general-use streaming scheme for a long
time, but I had no time until now... (at first I managed to get some
basic XML streaming working, then I had to waint until certain compiler
features which exist in Delphi have been implemented, and until then I
didn't find time to continue the work)

> I had the idea to
> find out what needed to be done, to find out if I really understand the
> process of reading and creating controls. Ask if it was ok that I, a non
> FCL member, shall implement this. Ask if it is correct that TTextReader and
> the creation of controls needs to be implemented
> Everybody has his own buisiness, but in this case we are both helped with
> it, and it is an opportunety to give something back to the FPC team.

I guess that you will see that implementing TReader is a non-trivial
task; it is really complex.
I personally don't know what to do next: I'm busy with Unicode support,
the next-generation XML units, fpGFX and finally fpGUI als successor to
KCL. Somewhere between this lies the streaming support.
The streaming support would be more or less 'easy' to implement if you
just would copy the VCL sources; but getting it right using only the
official documentation is almost impossible, and then you still have
only DFM streaming.

Perhaps we should coordinate the streaming implementation trials;
currently I'm busy with reading some books about Unicode and XML, but in
one or two days I should be able to work on streaming support again. (on
generic streaming, which is not bound to DFM.)

- Sebastian

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