[lazarus] Test Compile error

Marc Weustink weus at quicknet.nl
Wed Jun 21 13:18:07 EDT 2000

At 10:43 21-06-2000 -0600, Robert Scott Horning wrote:

>I'm sorry.  The Error messages were surrounded with a bodyguard of warning
>The Error messages are:
>gtkobject.inc(2585,9) Error: Identifier not found GTK_MENU_SET_ACCEL_GROUP
>gtkobject.inc(2585,57) Error: Illegal Expression
>I'm suspecting that a file is missing here.   BTW, I just did this with
>the latest of everything in CVS and a fresh cycle of the FreePascal

Hmmm.... this is function added about a week ago.... what platform are you 
using ??


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