[lazarus] New to Lazarus...

Marc Weustink weus at quicknet.nl
Thu Jun 22 18:00:59 EDT 2000

At 18:34 22-06-2000 -0300, Chespi wrote:
>the best thing to do first is create an empty directory (for example
>C:\pp\cvs), and there run:
>    C:\pp\cvs> cvs -z3 checkout dir1 dir2 dir3 ...
>Then, when I want to update, I run
>    C:\pp\cvs> cvs -z3 -dP update dir1 dir2 dir3 ...

Not exactly needed immediate after a checkout but does no harm

>This way in C:\pp\cvs I have the latest stuff, right? Now, what do I
>do with it? I copy everything to C:\pp\source

Nope, don't copy, leave it where it was. So better run cvs in your source dir.

>(where the installation
>program placed the sorces that came with the release version) and then
>I remake everything, correct?


>Am I ok so far? Am I missing directories to remake or something?

You can copy things but it is not needed. All compile steps look ok. If you 
need some hande bat files, see the HowTo.

if you don't copy, you  can do
   C:\pp\cvs> cvs -z3 -dP update dir1 dir2 dir3 ...
so now and then and you have the latest sources


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