[lazarus] Up and running

Shane Miller SMiller1 at stvgb.org
Tue Jun 27 09:55:38 EDT 2000

Here's a few things we need done...

Some one to code the IDE to RUN the application once you select RUN in the
menu's.  You can use the same code I use to run the compiler when they press

We need someone to run through the code and verify that certain components
are completed.  At this point we haven't said that any of the LCL (vcl) are
completed as of yet.  Pick a control and see is everything works in it.

I need someone to code the IDE so that when the user selects BUILD it adds
the create code (somehow) and compiles.  I am currently looking at this.

I need someone to look at how we are going to build the DFM files in
lazarus.  How are we going to use them?  I am looking at this too.

I need someone to continue adding components to the tool bar for dropping
onto the form.  This involves adding code to idecomp and to main.pp

We have a few components that need work.  Trackbar, Statusbar, TListbox,
TGrid, TDB????,  and many others are missing.

I need somone to create a method for adding Menu's via the IDE.  I can drop
a menu "speedbutton" on the form and when you double click it calls the
IDECOMP's TIDEMENU.DoubleClick method.  This should bring up a menu editor.

Want to try any of that?  Please let me know.


>>> christer.t.johansson at se.abb.com 06/27/00 07:45AM >>>

#You can look at the component pages to see what needs to be done.

I will take a look. Is the list updated ? Bitbtn is in Lazarus but
found in the list of nothing done ?
Is there any action at the component part anyway ?

#You can try to fix some bugs (#14 and #15), if you need info on these, we
#can supply them. At least an opportunety to get in tought with LCL and

I am running Linux, but maybe it's no different ??
I can take a look on the #14 and #15 info...

#You can try to add the run command in the ide.

First I will lurk around and se what is what :-)


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