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christer.t.johansson at se.abb.com christer.t.johansson at se.abb.com
Tue Jun 27 12:54:13 EDT 2000

That's some work to do...
I can't make up my mind yet, I'll sweep around in lazarus file tree
and have some look on what you listed. For me it's good to have
a couple of problems to jump between if I get stuck...
I think I'll start with verify the component in LCL (just comming from
Delphi 5 you get used to all that code completion and stuff) to get
warm in my fingers in "clean" coding.
In between I can take a look at the incomplete components...

I have my vacation soon (W29) and shall spend it all to this
and you will hear from me when I get in to some of the
other stuff you listed so I don't come into collision with your

Where shall I post my progress, if I have any :-)


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Here's a few things we need done...

Some one to code the IDE to RUN the application once you select RUN in the
menu's.  You can use the same code I use to run the compiler when they

***We need someone to run through the code and verify that certain
***are completed.  At this point we haven't said that any of the LCL (vcl)
***completed as of yet.  Pick a control and see is everything works in it.

I need someone to code the IDE so that when the user selects BUILD it adds
the create code (somehow) and compiles.  I am currently looking at this.

I need someone to look at how we are going to build the DFM files in
lazarus.  How are we going to use them?  I am looking at this too.

I need someone to continue adding components to the tool bar for dropping
onto the form.  This involves adding code to idecomp and to main.pp

***We have a few components that need work.  Trackbar, Statusbar, TListbox,
***TGrid, TDB????,  and many others are missing.

I need somone to create a method for adding Menu's via the IDE.  I can drop
a menu "speedbutton" on the form and when you double click it calls the
IDECOMP's TIDEMENU.DoubleClick method.  This should bring up a menu editor.

Want to try any of that?  Please let me know.


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