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Peter Dyson peter at skel.demon.co.uk
Thu Mar 9 16:59:45 EST 2000

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> I have looked at the sources.  The problem is that I don't have access to
the source for TDesigner nor can I call any existing class called that.  In
fedit's source, they include a file from borland (which they shouldn't)
called Dsgnintf used in FEdit2.  A class TFormEditor2 inherits from
TFormDesigner.  PRoblem is I don't have access to that and therefore I am
having trouble seeing how I can incorporate these sources into the Lazarus
files.  I'm not familiar enough with the sources at this point to be able to
do anything with them.  I am hoping that someone familiar with them could
step forward and possibly convert them to something we could use.
TFormDesigner is now IFormDesigner interface in later editions of delphi.
I can supply the class interface  it you would like to think about the
of this back to a class instead of an Interface, but I could also dig out my
old D1,2,3
cds and get the class interface from there if you prefer.


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