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Michael A. Hess mhess at miraclec.com
Fri Mar 10 18:16:27 EST 2000

Shane Miller wrote:
> Can you find an easy way to place an updated 3/9/2000 next to each
> menu (or at least the screen shots) so everytime something is
> submitted new people know when it was last updated? I only ask that
> it be done if you can do it easily.  I know we aren't paying you
> enough already.  :-)

Now that I have the whole site done in PHP this kind of add on is a
piece of cake. I have added the date to the "Screenshots" menu item. I
don't think I'll add to any of the other pages since it doesn't really
seem to apply too much.

What I think I will do is add a "Date Last Updated" to every page either
at the bottom or someplace else that it is easy to find.

Don't you think placing the notice in the "What's Happening" about
things like the new screenshots is enough??

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