[lazarus] CVS changes

Marc Weustink weus at quicknet.nl
Tue Mar 14 20:49:07 EST 2000


some changes:

   + Added LM_Paint on expose
     GTK doesn't emit a draw event upon show, so our non
     window controls didn't get painted

   + Added forced creation of gdkwindow if needed
     GetDC fails if the GTKWidget is created and the
     GDKWindow isn't. Is is now realized through gdk_realize...
     Sideeffect is that the list isn't resized correctly. I'll
     investigate that (and maybe rollback the change)

   ~ Modified DrawFrameControl
     Changed nested if to case statement.
     Changed drawing (why draw top-left and bottom-right separately)

   + Added BF_ADJUST support on DrawEdge
     This one was missing (as Shane commented)

   - Commented out LM_IMAGECHANGED in TgtkObject.IntSendMessage3
      (It did not compile)


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