[lazarus] Documentation added to the site

Michael A. Hess mhess at miraclec.com
Wed Mar 15 17:18:19 EST 2000


I have added documentation to the web site. It is Pasdoc generated files
of the LCL. At this point it is very dry since not much in the way of
documentation has every been added to the source code. This is something
I would appreciate the developers start doing. When every you are in a
given piece of code just add a little bit of description for the various
classes and procedures found there. It makes the documentation all that
much better.

As always the new files for translation are available for anyone who
would like to add translations for the new files or for a new language.

I also am just about finished with the developer news add on. This
section will allow registered developers to update their own news
section with information about what they are doing. A general news page
will list several of the most recent additions added by the developer.

I'll announce when this feature is finished.

If any one has any other news or snapshots they would like to see added
to the site please send them my way.  :-)

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