[lazarus] My DDD problem

Fabien Ninoles fabien at Nightbird.TZoNE.ORG
Thu Mar 16 01:14:36 EST 2000

On Wed, Mar 15, 2000 at 09:41:05AM -0500, Michael A. Hess wrote:
> OK OK I finally figured it out.
> Fabien Ninoles was correct to a point. All you have to do is "Run" the
> program and it will ask for the parameters. However you have to select a
> SPECIFIC "Run" to get it. I was clicking on the "Run" button in the
> "Command Tool" window. This just runs the program. You have to select
> "Run" from the "Program" pulldown menu. Then it will ask you for
> arguments. Silly me to expect them to both act the same way.  :-)

Maybe not that silly, although I understand that the run button
was really a shortcut (something we want to go quick). BTW, a clear
'set args' entry win the menu would be better. Especially that you can
already do it by typing 'set args <your args>' in the gdb command window.
Euh... you know what? it's feasible! DDD let's you create buttons and
user commands, even with prompting and all! I just read quickly the nice
documentation they provide and it's seems far easy.

Good luck!

> See I knew it was because I was just tired last night.  :-)
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