[lazarus] Documentation added to the site

Marco Schmidt schmidt at kawoserv.kawo2.rwth-aachen.de
Thu Mar 16 05:30:22 EST 2000

> Maybe if we can get Marco to modify Pasdoc so that any comments on the
> same line as the item being defined is used as the description for that
> item. This would allow us to add useful comments to the code not only
> for Pasdoc but for regular reading and it wouldn't clutter up trying to
> read the code when programming.

You're not the first who asked for this! I'll think about how I'll solve

There is of course the (untested) option of putting all descriptions in a
separate file to keep the interface section 'clean'.

> Maybe we can get him to also use the comments before the procedures and
> functions in the implementation section as well. This would allow detail
> comments about the procedure to reside with the actual code and also not
> clutter up the interface section.

I'm not sure about touching the implementation section... That would
require quite some additional work.

> Another problem that I see is that currently Pasdoc only puts in the
> descriptions for "public" items within a class. I would like to see all
> items in the documentation no matter what security level they are at.
> Maybe this could be an option as to what level of field security is
> shown in the documentation.

There is the 'include private' switch (-p IIRC, don't have access to
anything here) that overrides the default settings of not including any
private items.

As I said before, I hope to be back on pasdoc in two weeks!


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