[lazarus] designer.inc file error

Marc Weustink weus at quicknet.nl
Tue Mar 21 17:59:24 EST 2000

At 23:46 21-03-2000 +0100, I wrote:
>At 23:16 21-03-2000 +0100, Peter Vreman wrote:
>>At 22:46 21-3-00 , you wrote:
>>>hmmm...mine compiles.
>>I guess you should try again with the latest snapshot to get the error
>Indeed designer.inc accesses protected fields from TControl. I cycled a 
>new compiler and I get these errors as well. I saw these kind of 
>constructions in D3, but in D4 they won't compile either.

I made a typo, in D4 these constructs are valid.  So what are the changes 
in the compiler.
I guess accessing protected or private memebers of classes defined in the 
same unit is stil valid, but not if they are originally defined in another 
unit ???


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