[lazarus] Few CVS changes

Michal Bukovjan m_bukovjan at advis.cz
Mon Mar 27 02:15:30 EST 2000

Curtis White wrote:

> Michal Bukovjan wrote:
> > Is anyone working on ShowMessage? If I don't completely sucumb to flu
> > this weekend, I thought I'd give it a try and implemented it through GTK
> > (GtkDialog).
> >
> Why not just use a TForm, TLabel and TButtons?  They are already created
> and then it will be the same on all platforms and will require less
> conversion. Just a thought.

There are two options : either we can call lower level stuff, and maintain a
common interface, or implement it ourselves, and risk more code bloat and
maybe different lool'n'feel if lower level stuff changes.

The portability is not an issue, because all you do is to call

Anyway, I did not implement anything, because I have a flu now, as feared.
This sucks :-(

Michal Bukovjan

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