[lazarus] Lazarus at freshmeat and publicity in general

Jarto Tarpio jarto at starsoft.fi
Thu Mar 30 03:44:52 EST 2000

I just checked www.freshmeat.net for the status of Lazarus:


Last announcement is from July 28th. Judging from the version 
number (0.1) and date Lazarus is a ship dead in water. I know 
that's not the case but how should people who have not subscribed 
know it? Also the homepage points to www.pcpros.net/~vbman/ . It 
does redirect to lazarus.freepascal.org but it should be updated 

We're really not making Lazarus known at the moment. Inprise is 
doing a way better job even thoug they started later. The problem is 
that there are many skillful Delphi programmers who don't know 
about Lazarus. Many of them create freeware and open source 
components and there's a big chance that many would love to 
contribute. That's why we should make sure people know what 
Lazarus is and that it's actively developed.

It's a good idea to release often at freshmeat. By doing that we get 
more testers, publicity and even developers. Do it every two 
months for example. It's also a good idea to contact maintainers of 
popular Delphi pages (like http://torry.spang.org) and send them 
articles or ask if they could link to http://lazarus.freepascal.org. 
These pages are visited by Delphi programmers and those are our 
primary target.


Jarto Tarpio

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