[lazarus] Lazarus at freshmeat and publicity in general

Michael A. Hess mhess at miraclec.com
Thu Mar 30 09:58:17 EST 2000

Jarto Tarpio wrote:
> Last announcement is from July 28th. Judging from the version
> number (0.1) and date Lazarus is a ship dead in water.

We are aware of this issue. Up until now we didn't have much to
announce. True work has been going on but there wasn't much to show.
Most people when they hit a site such as Lazarus want to see screen
shots of the product. We really didn't have any because so much of the
work dealt with the invisible. Now that more work is being done on the
actual IDE interface we have more to show and are in reality farther

I am waiting for one more feature to be finished by Shane and then I
will be making new announcements on Freshmeat and everywhere else that I
can find a receptive ear.

> The problem is that there are many skillful Delphi programmers who
> don't know about Lazarus. Many of them create freeware and open source
> components and there's a big chance that many would love to
> contribute. That's why we should make sure people know what Lazarus is
> and that it's actively developed.
This is a nice idea in theory but it doesn't seem to hold water. We have
what amounts to a constant readership of over 200+ on the mailing list.
This number has not wavered for over a year. Yet you see how many people
actually contribute to the project. We have a core of around 7 coders
but only 2 to 3 of us tend to be available at any given time.

In the last 2 days the web site has had a 300%+ increase in traffic. The
visits in the last 2 days accounts for 25% of the whole months traffic.
So where are the emails from all of these people asking about helping?

Don't get me wrong I will start to do alot more shouting and announcing
in the next few days or week but I am not optomistic about the
additional help it might bring.  :-\

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