[lazarus] cvs updated

Michael A. Hess mhess at miraclec.com
Thu Mar 30 14:17:11 EST 2000

Shane Miller wrote:
> Also, I had to change our SendMessage function call to CNSendMessage.
> The reason for this is that Windows has a SendMessage call that's not
> compatable with our and it can't be overridden because only class
> methods can be overriden.

Probably a good idea.
> CN stands for Control.  I just pulled that out of my #$@ so if anyone
> NEEDS it changed to something else let me know otherwise lets just
> leave it.
> The drag and drop support I added previously I was using gtk widget's
> drag/drop support.  I think we should do something similiar to what
> Delphi did and support our own based on the WM_MOUSEMOVE and

How will this tie in with the existing D&D already in GTK and Qt? If it
is implemented in the LCL won't that just work within the application
built with the LCL? How will it tie in with D&D to other applications?

Maybe it will I am just checking.  :-)

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