[lazarus] cvs updated

Shane Miller SMiller1 at stvgb.org
Thu Mar 30 14:01:34 EST 2000

I added some drag and drop code.  Not finished yet.
Also I added code so when you saved a unit as a different name it would try and change that name in the unit source itself.  Fails if you trick it with
before the actual name.  It simply parses for the unit name at this point.

Also, I had to change our SendMessage function call to CNSendMessage.  The reason for this is that Windows has a SendMessage call that's not compatable with our and it can't be overridden because only class methods can be overriden.

CN stands for Control.  I just pulled that out of my #$@ so if anyone NEEDS it changed to something else let me know otherwise lets just leave it.

The drag and drop support I added previously I was using gtk widget's drag/drop support.  I think we should do something similiar to what Delphi did and support our own based on the WM_MOUSEMOVE and MOUSEUP/MOUSEDOWN calls.

That's all for now.

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