[lazarus] Developer howto-0.91 up to date?

Marc Weustink weus at quicknet.nl
Thu Mar 30 14:26:55 EST 2000

At 20:31 30-03-2000 +0200, Florian Klaempfl wrote:
>Jarto Tarpio schrieb:
> >
> > I tried compiling Lazarus to see if I could contribute
> > but can't get it compiled. I followed the developer howto
> > for Linux.
> >
> > First of all, the compiler cycled nicely when I first
> > realised that I had to copy the lib/blabal/units-dir also from
> > the released compiler to /opt/fpc/units.
> >

Make sure your /opt/fpc/units (or if you copied them to 
/opt/fpc/units/  linux) is in your units path

> > Now, I have /opt/fpc in my path and FPCDIR set. But when I go
> > to fcl and run make, I get:
> >


> >
> > sysutils.o and sysutils.ppu are in opt/fpc/units/linux and they are up 
> to date.
>I think they should be in /opt/fpc/rtl/linux, i.e. just checkout the 
>compiler, i.e. the units generated from make cycle should be in in that 
>directory, so the easiest way is to checkout to /opt/fpc/rtl and 

To copy them to the units dir makes lazarus development a bit easier. That 
way you don't have to cycle the compiler if if you do a cvs update on all 
(ocf course you can do an update of lazarus alone)


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