[lazarus] cvs updated

Shane Miller SMiller1 at stvgb.org
Thu Mar 30 16:18:37 EST 2000

That's fine with me.  

Also if you have changes to be made, commit them.  As I said, I didn't delete the old files I simply started adding the new ones.

I really wanted this to get done prior to us getting more people involved.  Marc, when you fix the make files, move everything to Interfaces/gtk and win32.  I am fine with that.

Make that change as soon as possible and we can then start changing the How-To's and such.  There shouldn't be many changes needed.

Sorry for the surprise move but I wanted it done prior to getting more people developing here.  We need some organization of the files so they are easier to read.  It's tough running through the entire directory of LCL looking for a file sometimes.


>>> weus at quicknet.nl 03/30/00 03:03PM >>>
At 22:41 30-03-2000 +0100, Marc Weustink wrote:
>At 14:25 30-03-2000 -0600, Shane Miller wrote:
>>I have moved all the gtk files into the lcl/gtk directory and all the 
>>win32 files into the win32 directory

BTW, wouldn't lcl/interfaces/gtk and lcl/interfaces/win32 be a better 
location ?


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