[lazarus] OnResize event

Marc Weustink weus at quicknet.nl
Thu May 4 20:46:31 EDT 2000

At 02:34 04-05-2000 +0200, Vincent Snijders wrote:

>This seems to work in my testprogram.
>A diff of these changes is attached.
>Please check if this is a good change. I am not sure no double work is done
>in SetBounds, for example doesn't the CNSendMessage(LM_SetSize call genrate
>a new WMWindowPosChanged message?

It looks a bit strange the WMWindowPosChanged massage came from the 
gtkinterface, and now we are telling the interface to move ourself to the 
position we are just moved to ????

The call to resize is a good point (at WMWindowPosChanged)

Marc (pressing send might be handy to send a message ;-)

>Vincent Snijders.

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