[lazarus] Error messag

Marc Weustink Marc.Weustink at cuperus.nl
Tue May 9 12:14:39 EDT 2000

+ From: Dr. Matthias von Davier [mailto:vdavier at ipn.uni-kiel.de]

+ Hi,
+ I recently found Lazarus on the Freepascal page. I am a person with
+ Delphi MsWindows background and I tried to compile Lazarus
+ for a trial.
+ With two versions of the latest source I get the message:
+ compiling c:\pp\source\lazarus\components\mwedit92\mwpassyn.pas
+ ideeditor.pp(121,5) Error: Identifier not found GUTTERCOLOR
+ ideeditor.pp(228) Fatal: There were 1 errors compiling
+ module, stopping
+ because there are guttercolor references instead of gutter.color
+ references in two source files (ideeditor.pp and testform.pp). I
+ downloaded the sources from the german mirror. If gutter.color is used
+ instead, lazarus compiles without problems.

This is the difference between mwedit and the mwedit92 version. There are
probable some mixed units hanging around.

If you want to use the normal version you can use make. If you want to use
the 92 version (only for testing) you *must* issue "make OPT=-dNEW_EDITOR".
This counts for the lazarus, lazarus/examples and lazarus/components dir.

Make sure you do a "make clean" or "make clean OPT=-dNEW_EDITOR" before
switching to another editor.

To build lazarus with the default editor issue:
  make clean
  make ide

To build lazarus with the 92 editor issue:
  make clean
  make ide OPT=-dNEW_EDITOR


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