[lazarus] Error messag

Dr. Matthias von Davier vdavier at ipn.uni-kiel.de
Tue May 9 10:44:01 EDT 2000


I recently found Lazarus on the Freepascal page. I am a person with
Delphi MsWindows background and I tried to compile Lazarus for a trial.
With two versions of the latest source I get the message:

compiling c:\pp\source\lazarus\components\mwedit92\mwpassyn.pas
ideeditor.pp(121,5) Error: Identifier not found GUTTERCOLOR
ideeditor.pp(228) Fatal: There were 1 errors compiling module, stopping

because there are guttercolor references instead of gutter.color
references in two source files (ideeditor.pp and testform.pp). I
downloaded the sources from the german mirror. If gutter.color is used
instead, lazarus compiles without problems.

best regards,

Dr. Matthias von Davier
IPN, Olshausenstrasse 62, 24098 Kiel, Germany
http://planet.ipn.uni-kiel.de or  http://planet.ipn.uni-kiel.de/winmira

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