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Antti Lukats Antti.Lukats at jotautomation.com
Fri May 19 11:28:30 EDT 2000

I have looked at PasDoc (it doesnt compile/work when compiled with

some comments:

there are several 'pseudo standards' PasDoc JavaDoc Time2Help ...
there are few related things like literative porgramming (Knuths' WEB...)
now we have tools like XML and XSL (XSLT processing)

it would be nice to 'integrate' the best of above mentioned into a
handling structure that would generate docs for multiply formats,

we need some kind of specs on 'general doc comments' for FPK (pascal
scanner tools that extract that info and produce XML (to specs we make)
XSL template that will transform the XML fied source into ready made HTML
or some ASCII format (RTF for winhelp compiler) TeX some tagged format

post processing may be done with TeX or some help compiler tool to get HL
CHM files
if the output is CSS enhanced HTML there is no post processig required.

now O know not all can follow me here, but believe me I know what I am
talking, when
creating the source/doc/help system as outlined above using freely available
and source code the amount of 'original source code' to be written is
absolutly minimal
I can make a bet that its about 10 KB of pure code. (restrictions apply, and
not counting
templates as code)

I have made some experiments on this approuch and I can assure it is all


[ snip
> I for one love Borland's help and would like it if someone started a
documentation efffort.  We have spoken about using PASDOC.  I'm not sure if
this is the best choice or not.  I would be interested in getting something
that was as useful and looked as nice as Borland's.
> I would be happy to pitch in.  What I think we would need is some
templates that would help others create the pages correctly.  Maybe generate
some and we can see where we go from there.


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