[lazarus] Lazarus Object Documentation

Michael Van Canneyt michael.vancanneyt at wisa.be
Fri May 19 11:47:10 EDT 2000

On Fri, 19 May 2000, Antti Lukats wrote:

> I have looked at PasDoc (it doesnt compile/work when compiled with
> Delphi...)
> some comments:
> there are several 'pseudo standards' PasDoc JavaDoc Time2Help ...
> there are few related things like literative porgramming (Knuths' WEB...)
> now we have tools like XML and XSL (XSLT processing)
> it would be nice to 'integrate' the best of above mentioned into a
> source/doc
> handling structure that would generate docs for multiply formats,

Pasdoc already does that. HTML and TeX. Just add XML, and then you're off.

> we need some kind of specs on 'general doc comments' for FPK (pascal
> general)
> scanner tools that extract that info and produce XML (to specs we make)
> XSL template that will transform the XML fied source into ready made HTML
> or some ASCII format (RTF for winhelp compiler) TeX some tagged format
> whatever
> post processing may be done with TeX or some help compiler tool to get HL
> CHM files
> if the output is CSS enhanced HTML there is no post processig required.
> now O know not all can follow me here, but believe me I know what I am
> talking, when creating the source/doc/help system as outlined above using freely available
> technologies and source code the amount of 'original source code' to be written is
> absolutly minimal I can make a bet that its about 10 KB of pure code. (restrictions apply, and
> not counting templates as code)
> I have made some experiments on this approuch and I can assure it is all
> doable
> Comments?

Go ahead. I would prefer if you extended pasdoc so it can produce XML.
That would be by far the simplest.


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