AW: [lazarus] LFM Files again ;)

Mattias Gaertner nc-gaertnma at
Fri Oct 13 05:04:57 EDT 2000

>If you want to write an object inspector, you don't need the DFM layout. You
>can make object inspector based upon the RTTI info.

The Object inspector needs the RTTI. This is a fact.
But as far as I have seen: The RTTI can't store the values in the program on
disk, can it?

Under Delphi changed values are stored in the DFM file and compiled in via the
{$R *.DFM} directive. Which is a much better solution than to store it in the
Form.Create method (see examples). It would be nice if lazarus would do it in
a similar way. And main.pp shows some promises. But I didn't found any traces
of LFM code in free pascal.

My question is now:
How will lazarus store the values of the forms on disk (LFM, perhaps like text
based DFM) and how will these values get into the compiled program?

The format of LFM is not that relevant but I think it should be editable by a
simple text editor (no binary format).


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