AW: [lazarus] LFM Files again ;)

Michael.VanCanneyt at Michael.VanCanneyt at
Fri Oct 13 05:40:13 EDT 2000

On Fri, 13 Oct 2000, Mattias Gaertner wrote:

> >If you want to write an object inspector, you don't need the DFM layout. You
> >can make object inspector based upon the RTTI info.
> The Object inspector needs the RTTI. This is a fact.
> But as far as I have seen: The RTTI can't store the values in the program on
> disk, can it?
> Under Delphi changed values are stored in the DFM file and compiled in via the
> {$R *.DFM} directive. Which is a much better solution than to store it in the
> Form.Create method (see examples). It would be nice if lazarus would do it in
> a similar way. And main.pp shows some promises. But I didn't found any traces
> of LFM code in free pascal.
> My question is now:
> How will lazarus store the values of the forms on disk (LFM, perhaps like text
> based DFM) and how will these values get into the compiled program?
> The format of LFM is not that relevant but I think it should be editable by a
> simple text editor (no binary format).

There are 2 streamers currently implemented as far as I know:
- one binary streamer
- one text streamer.
There are plans for a third streamer (maybe it is already finished, I don't
know)  that would read/write XML.


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