[lazarus] CVS Changes

Peter Vreman peter at freepascal.org
Tue Aug 14 02:44:25 EDT 2001

> Hi,
> It took some time, but I finally updated the makefiles. Changes are only 
> internal (for the new fpcmake version), so no much change if you only type 
> make.
> Added a makefiles target, when typed at the lazarus root, all makefiles are 
> recreated if needed (pretty handy when you've changed a lot of makefile.fpc 
> files :)

I always use "fpcmake -w `find . -name Makefile.fpc`"

> Updated the win32 target.
> Note 1: If you want to create the makefiles yourself
>          (ie running fpcmake) you (for this moment) need
>          the fpc sources.

With the latest 1.0.5 install includes Package.fpc for each unit directory. This file can
also be used to build a Makefile for a single target using "fpcmake -T<target> -w".

To create a Makefile for all targets you are always required to have the full source tree
installed, because some targets don't have specific packages that are required for other

> Note 2: You need the latest (thus not the FIXEX tree) of
>          fpcmake, this one is currently not in the
>          fpc.1.0.5.laz package (I'll update that one someday)

The fpcmake available in the 1.0.5 tree is the same as the one in the 1.1 tree. Maybe an
update of the tag is required to update it to the current 1.1 version.

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