[lazarus] CVS Changes

Marc Weustink Marc.Weustink at cuperus.nl
Tue Aug 14 04:39:32 EDT 2001

+ From: Peter Vreman [mailto:peter at freepascal.org]
+ > I wrote:
+ > Added a makefiles target, when typed at the lazarus root,
+ > all makefiles are  recreated if needed (pretty handy when
+ > you've changed a lot of makefile.fpc files :)
+ I always use "fpcmake -w `find . -name Makefile.fpc`"

Less typing :-)

+ > Note 1: If you want to create the makefiles yourself
+ >          (ie running fpcmake) you (for this moment) need
+ >          the fpc sources.
+ With the latest 1.0.5 install includes Package.fpc for each
+ unit directory. This file can
+ also be used to build a Makefile for a single target using
+ "fpcmake -T<target> -w".

Ah. while looking at the fpcmake sources I already got the idea that this
should be possible.

+ > Note 2: You need the latest (thus not the FIXEX tree) of
+ >          fpcmake, this one is currently not in the
+ >          fpc.1.0.5.laz package (I'll update that one someday)
+ The fpcmake available in the 1.0.5 tree is the same as the
+ one in the 1.1 tree. Maybe an update of the tag is required to
+ update it to the current 1.1 version.

With the last check, not all changes have the FIXES_1_0_0 tag. The 1.0.5
version I create is baset upon that tag, so in the last rpm I created these
changes for fpcmake weren't there.


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