[lazarus] CVS Changes

Marc Weustink marc at lazarus.dommelstein.net
Tue Aug 14 17:18:41 EDT 2001

At 10:55 14-08-01 -0400, you wrote:
>Marc Weustink wrote:
> >
> > It took some time, but I finally updated the makefiles.
>More problems but now with the nightly Linux build. It seems to build
>the program just fine but blows up trying to do the zipinstall.
>For some reason the next thing after the
>    make -C lcl install
>it tries to run fpcmake to build the makefile in the lcl directory which
>it has already processed.   :-\

It is not creating the makefiles, it is creating the package info. (other 
cmdline switch)

What version of fpcmake are you using ?
Try to set FPCDIR to the fpc sources when running make zipinstall. Does it 
make a difference ?


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