missing files (Solved ?)

Marc Weustink Marc.Weustink at cuperus.nl
Wed Aug 22 11:08:18 EDT 2001

+ From: Michael A. Hess [mailto:mhess at miraclec.com]
+ Exactly what should the line look like and is there something 
+ I can try outside of the makefile to see if it works? You know 
+ calling it myself with
+    fpcmake {whatever}

fpcmake -p -v -Tlinux

BTW did you export FPCDIR=/usr/lib/fpc/1.0.5 ?

+ When I run fpcmake by itself it doesn't list -T as a valid argument.
+ Should it?

I think so ....

marc:~/lazarus$ fpcmake
fpcmake: <-pw> [-vqh] [file] [file ...]
 -p  Generate Package.fpc
 -w  Write Makefile

 -T<target>[,target]   Support only specified targets
 -v                    Be more verbose
 -q                    Be quiet
 -h                    This help screen

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