[lazarus] Recompiles still seem to be needed

Marc Weustink Marc.Weustink at cuperus.nl
Wed Jan 10 12:41:56 EST 2001

I'll recheck that tonight.

+ From: Michael A. Hess [mailto:mhess at miraclec.com]
+ Marc Weustink wrote:
+ > 
+ > First (if you've used ppc directly) remove all .o and .ppu files you
+ > find in the lazarus dir.
+ I only ever use 'make'. I never use ppc386 directly. I only 
+ did so a few
+ minutes ago to test Shane's statement with regards to the Access
+ Violation.
+ > The makefiles place the units in separate dirs,
+ Correct.
+ > use them from those dirs and will only clean those dirs.
+ Negative. I did a 'make clean' and it dit NOT remove any of the .o or
+ .ppu from the various 'units' directories. I had to manually remove
+ those files to clean those directories. The 'make clean' should remove
+ them.
+ > If that doesn't work, please let me know which units couldn't be
+ > found.
+ As stated above the 'make clean' doesn't do a complete clean 
+ correctly.
+ As to the lazarus build itself. I have manually cleaned and made sure
+ that no .o .ppu files exist in the Lazarus tree. Then from the IDE's
+ directory I do a 'make'. 
+ This call to 'make' errors with unit 'Interfacebase' not 
+ fould. I check
+ and the .o and .ppu do exist.   :-\
+ I call 'make' again. This time it goes until it errors with unit
+ 'Controls' not found.
+ 'Make' again errors with unit 'Forms' not found.
+ 'Make' again errors with unit 'StdCtrls' not found.
+ 'Make again and this time Lazarus is built.
+ The only significant difference is the fact that I am using a compiler
+ cycled from the main branch and not from the fixed branch. 
+ However this
+ shouldn't make a difference. (at least I don't think so).
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