[lazarus] CVS Committed

Jake Gadikian faddat at adelphia.net
Wed Jan 10 21:01:05 EST 2001

Ok... I know this is a rather stupid question, but I've got to ask.  What is
CVS?  Can anyone explain it to me?

Thank you

Jake Gadikian

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I have again been working on the feature for moving controls.  I think I
made it worse.  :-)

I can't get the controls to move correctly with the mouse.

I added the "Nudge" features to the Form Editor.  If you drop a TEdit
control onto the form and hold the CTRL key and press the arrow keys the
control will move around the form, 1 pixel at a time.  If you hole SHIFT
down and the arrows the control will resize.

The problem with this feature is that some controls don't send LM_KEYDOWN
and LM_KEYUP messages.
The control I am referring to is TMemo.  Why doesn't it send those messages
you ask?  I don't know.  I haven't looked into it.  Someone can feel free to
look at it.

You can also select multiple controls if you click on a control then hold
the SHIFT down and click on another control.  The GRABBERS don't look like
they adjust themselves, but if you nudge the controls they both move.

You can delete controls by selecting the control and pressing DEL.  When you
add another control lazarus crashes.  I have to see why that is yet.

That's all for now.


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