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adeli at adeli.fr adeli at adeli.fr
Thu Jan 11 18:20:17 EST 2001

i try to migrate  my lib to fpc/lazarus
i have made some lib directly relation with my database (like when you 
search some text into on selection area (like a filter) , automaticly a list 
appear fill with the right value
So with my base you could import export delete record it without coding a 

And i have another unit for printing a big unit in relation with the base.
For this printing unit i use under windows in bp7 i use the DC! so what do i 
use to be compatible with lazarus/fpc (in windows/linux)????

And Just now i try to translate the asembler part of my source with some 
difficulty (i post a message in the fpc list)

Lionel Drevon			ldrevon at adeli.fr
Adeli				http://www.adeli.fr
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