[lazarus] The reason for Lazarus crashing - Chapter 1

Shane Miller SMiller1 at stvgb.org
Tue Jan 16 19:30:07 EST 2001

OK, here's what I've discovered.

If you pull from CVS and compile  (make clean; make OPT=-dDEBUG) with fpc 1.0.5 and run it should run. 
To make it crash, go into ViewForms_dlg.pp and go to the bottom of the file.  The include line looks like this

{ $I viewforms1.lrs}

Notice the space after the first comment.  This prevents the include from occuring.  Remove the space and recompile (make clean; make OPT=-dDEBUG)

Then it will crash.  Notice though the # of lines that say


There are 3.  That means that 3 form resoruces were found and it crashed during/after the third.  It turns out it crashes in reader.inc in the ReadPropValue function while loading the viewforms1 form.
Now, go into Lazarus.pp and move the Application.Createform('TViewForms','ViewForms1') up above the one for TViewUnits.  IF you compile and run again you will notice only 2 lines that say


That means that by changing the order that these were created that it stil crashed during TViewForms creation.  That proves (I think) that it's SOMETHING related to TViewForms but it's EXACTLY like TViewUnits except for the name of the form and the class.

Anyone have any bright ideas?


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