[lazarus] Succesfull compilation

Torben von Deyen torben at vondeyen.dk
Wed Jan 17 16:58:35 EST 2001

I'm now able to compile Lazarus. All the trouble 
GTK disappeared after removing the old GTK packages and installing the 
glib-1.2.6.tar.gz and gtk+-1.2.6.tar.gz from <A 
href="http://www.gtk.org">www.gtk.org. Previouslly I installed the GTK as 
binary packages (rpm), and something must have gone wrong during installation 
(maybe because the packages was converted to .deb as my system is Corel 
Since so many are having problems compiling Lazarus, 
it could be a good idea of making a troubleshooting page on Lazarus 
web site, e.g. about compilation problems on Linux platform - this might 
also bring some more interest to the Lazarus project - the cool about this 
project is that it is opensource.

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