[lazarus] any compiled downloadable version ?

a.halbotschoonaert at free.fr a.halbotschoonaert at free.fr
Wed Jan 24 08:01:00 EST 2001


i wonder if it is planned to publish a compiled version of lazarus for win32 
and linux. I know, the project is still under developpement. But i am conviced 
this could be very apreciated by a lot of people.
Personnaly, i managed to compile under win32, after having tried several times 
with no success.
I tried to compile also under linux, and it does'nt work. There is always 
something missing ;o) i know i just need to read the faq... and everything will 
be ok. But it is a hard step before to enjoi lazarus.

So, would'nt it be possible to publish one compiled version on the web site, 
sometimes ? Or do you prefere to wait for a certain version ?

I think it would be very nice.


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