[lazarus] lazarus site

FoodTechnologist Vasily.Volchenko at mstu.edu.ru
Thu Jan 25 03:21:41 EST 2001

Marco van de Voort ÐÉÛÅÔ:

> > >      To unsubscribe: mail lazarus-request at miraclec.com with
> > >                 "unsubscribe" as the Subject
> > >     archives at http://www.miraclec.com/list_archives/lazarus
> >
> > As for me, I'ld like to have something as separated changelog list (for
> > example, cleared once 5 months or so). I'ld like not to download big files
> > every day or two (as I have very poor indirect (with floppy transform)
> > chanal).
> Then, start CVS'ing.

It is impossible: I have internet access in University (as a part of its stuff)
through proxy,
and suitable system is located at home. I must move data through floppies.

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