[lazarus] CVS Changes

Curtis White cwhite at aracnet.com
Wed Jan 31 02:27:22 EST 2001

- Removed global unit from uses clause of project.pp, main.pp,
compiler.pp and idecomp.pp.
- Removed and commented all references to TUnitInfo in TMainIDE class.
- Renamed TProjectUnitInfo to TUnitInfo.
- Added Source properties to TUnitInfo and TProject classes.
- Added WriteUnit and ReadUnit functions to TUnitInfo class.
- Added code to TProject class to save and load units when the project
is saved and loaded.

Note: Currently, the Filename property must be set in the TUnitInfo
class before the unit is saved. It does not currently check this check
automatically. I still need to add that code. This is also true of the
TProject class except the property that must be set in it is

The global unit is no longer referenced in any of the files. That unit
can now be removed from CVS unless someone wants to save it for the code
it contains.


Curtis White wrote:
> >
> > I think we should do it the right way now. Otherwise, we might end up
> > with a mess later that will be much more difficult to fix. I will try to
> > combine TProjectUnitInfo and TUnitInfo into a single class called
> > TUnitInfo tonight. That class will be included in the TProject where
> > TProjectUnitInfo is now.
> >
> > It seems to me that it shouldn't be all that difficult to fix
> > TSourceEditor to just call the proper functions in the TUnitInfo and
> > TProject classes to load and save the units. If you want, I can take a
> > look at TSourceEditor as soon as I get TProjectUnitInfo and TUnitInfo
> > combined into a single class (probably not until tomorrow evening).
> >

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