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natarajs at poboxes.com natarajs at poboxes.com
Sun Jun 24 02:09:58 EDT 2001


In India, I have witnessed a peculiar phenomenon recently. A Consumer
Federation Co-operative with retail outlets for consumables has started
using a DOS based Software for all its operations .The files are Xbase
ones. Now, why would somebody go for Dos based program when everything is
on Windows and any machine nowadays has 32M Ram atleast? They tell me that 
stability is the key. They dont want frequent hang ups and death screens in
the middle of a hectic retailing. May be true. 

If that's the case, doesnt X /Gnome/KDE give such problems ? X seems to be
slower than Win95/98 on 32M Ram. Is there any middle path without using X
but with the functionalities of Lazarus on the usual Linux console
terminals? I mean something like the old Clipper programs.

My idea is to introduce Linux here. Stability and virus
freedom is the attraction.  


Nataraj S Narayanan
Synergy Computer Systems
Kochi, INDIA-683 503

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