[lazarus] Pascal Code Editor

Marco van de Voort marcov at stack.nl
Sun Jun 24 06:39:37 EDT 2001

> In India, I have witnessed a peculiar phenomenon recently. A Consumer
> Federation Co-operative with retail outlets for consumables has started
> using a DOS based Software for all its operations .The files are Xbase
> ones. Now, why would somebody go for Dos based program when everything is
> on Windows and any machine nowadays has 32M Ram atleast? They tell me that 
> stability is the key. They dont want frequent hang ups and death screens in
> the middle of a hectic retailing. May be true. 

Seems to be valid. But keep in mind they probably have a single app.
> If that's the case, doesnt X /Gnome/KDE give such problems ?

Gnome, KDE ? Yes I think.
X in general ? No.

> X seems to be
> slower than Win95/98 on 32M Ram

Gnome and KDE are. X is faster than even win95 without IE.

. Is there any middle path without using X
> but with the functionalities of Lazarus on the usual Linux console
> terminals? I mean something like the old Clipper programs.

No. There is Turbo Vision though, but that is not available yet at this
time, due to a rewrite because of copyright reasons.

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