[lazarus] Updates

Shane Miller SMiller1 at stvgb.org
Mon Nov 26 10:56:46 EST 2001

We actually have some interbase components for Lazarus from the LCL so you could look at them and decide if it's ready.

If you go into idecomp.pp you can remove the space in front of the DEFINE DATABASE and DEFINE INTERBASE and then re-compile.  Then the interbase and database components will be displayed on the component palette.  This requires interbase to be installed (version 6 I believe).


>>> natarajs at poboxes.com 11/24/01 08:55AM >>>

Is Lazarus ready for any sorta Interbase RDBMS activity? I hv a project
on hand for IB on Linux. I dont prefer to go for Kylix ,even though it is
touted to be identical to Delphi. Other option is to go for Interclient
and Java.

Suggestions /Advices are invited for speedy development.



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