[lazarus] Lazarus Server back in action

Michael A. Hess mhess at miraclec.com
Sun Nov 25 19:01:27 EST 2001


I have cleaned out the script kiddie mess and the server is back on
line. Later this week I will be getting another machine to use as a
firewall so that I can put my servers behind that and control things a
little better. It seems no matter how up to date you try to be with your
daemons they always find the holes before you know about it to patch
them up.  :-\

I also am going to start to setup a new web site for Lazarus later this
week. It will have more features and capabilities. I will be using one
of the publishing tools that I use for my other company.

Again sorry for the problem the hacker caused.

==== Programming my first best destiny! ====

Michael A. Hess      Miracle Concepts, Inc.
mhess at miraclec.com   http://www.miraclec.com

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