[lazarus] pathing error

Keith Bowes keith_bowes at hotmail.com
Thu Apr 11 18:29:39 EDT 2002

> + From: Ted Dennis [mailto:tedennis at gte.net]
> + Sent: Tuesday, 09 April, 2002 18:18
> +
> + I'm sure this is a very simple problem.  My default installation (no
> + source) wants to force compilation of the supplied object files (e.g.
> + controls, etc.).  I tried setting the various paths,
> + including the fpc.cfg file but with no success. The message is "Can't
> + compile unit CONTROLS, no sources available".
> + Any suggestions or will I need to install the source & let it recompile?
> It shouldn't be necesary I think, but it isn't quite clear what you are
> doing. What default installation are you talking about, FPC or Lazarus,
> which version, which platform.

It sounds to me like the reporter isn't using the same version of the
compiler that was used to compile Lazarus.  Either he's not using the
recommended version referenced on the site or Michael A Hess is using a
newer build for the binaries.

That is unless it's some weird exotic issue.

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