[lazarus] How do I make a form? (Win32) pure newbie questions...

Satan das-ende-ist-nah at gmx.net
Wed Apr 24 11:05:24 EDT 2002

to roberts mail:

as far as i see this is right, altough there are many people on the list which can tell you more than i can
it is just the form editing (meaning this nice drag&drop rad stuff) which is under heavy construction and therefor not usable (this means DON'T TOUCH IT!!!)
but you can use many of the components and as the previous answerer(?) said there are also examples which illustrate how you can use them (found in (yourlazarusdir)/examples)

to daniels:

to the dirty3d (aehm... i mean direct3d) stuff i cannot say much, because i know not much about its usage and the general usage of dlls with lazarus (perhaps keith can say something about it)
but i suppose that you at least need headers/units for the dlls to access them (you can try the delphi ones you should have and if they don't work/compile change them to fpc - just a guess since i do not use win32)
btw i don't even know about the status of the win32 lazarus (again keith should be your man - think he even has a page for lazarus on win32)


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